Simple IT Support and Solutions

Simple IT Support and Solutions

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Through remote IT support I provide a range of services tailored for home users and small businesses to provide maximum value while giving you peace of mind and meeting your needs for support and maintenance.   Support is available via telephone and/or secure remote desktop log-in to your computer providing convenient and timely assistance.  If you have any questions about any of the services listed then please contact me and I will be available to help.

Occasional Remote Support


Designed for those who need occasional help when a problem occurs or need advice and guidance for software or hardware issues.  When you call you get remote support at an affordable hourly rate (charged in 30 minute blocks) allowing you to use it when needed and get on with your busy life.

Ongoing Remote Support


Looking for someone who is familiar with your needs and can provide ongoing help and advice?  This option is for those who want someone to call at any time who is ready to help.  The support you get allows you to avoid the time wastage and frustration you might encounter in the day-to-day use of your computer.  Your PC is an important tool and should not be an obstacle to your productivity.  This service provides the ongoing maintenance and regular checks that are vitally important to keep your computer running smoothly.  Problems can be identified before they result in loss of productivity or even loss of data, giving you the security and support you need.  Available for 1 month or as many months as required; this is the service to aid and compliment your ongoing efficiency.

Onsite Support


If you have an issue with hardware or a major software or operating system problem and you live in the Crows Nest district I can be onsite to assist.  Onsite services are available by prior arrangement and are charged at my low hourly rate plus reasonable travel rates.

In-House Support


An even more economical alternative to onsite support is for you to simply drop your PC in to me and then pick it up once your problems are solved.  No need for you to be involved or for me to get in your way, just call me to discuss your problem and drop it in at your convenience.  Not only will you have your problems solved but your computer will get a thorough inspection to identify and highlight any future hardware or software problems before they occur.  A cleaning service is also available to help extend the life of your PC and keep your hardware running the way it should.

Purchasing Support


Looking to purchase new hardware or a new computer but don't need the hassle or feel daunted by the task?

I understand that setting up a new computer can be a very daunting task.  You not only have to configure all the new software before you can use it but you need to install any software which you previously had as well as migrate all your data from an old computer to your new one!  Once all this is done you need to be able to use your software and files just the way you could before.  A new computer should be a great improvement, not a giant headache resulting in time wasted and a less workable machine.

The services I offer allow you to avoid all that frustration and confusion and let you use your new hardware or computer without the hassle.  I offer sales of computer systems and accessories along with friendly advice and support for new hardware with a goal to giving you what you need at a price you can afford.  You get honest, straightforward advice along with someone who will spend time understanding your needs.

Pricing and availability of computer hardware is forever changing and quite often at a very rapid pace.  If you have found something you like from a retailer elsewhere then I am happy to assist you and offer support before and after your purchase so you are not left wondering what to do next.  I can offer support at a level which suits you - whether you need help to set up your new hardware or computer yourself or whether you would like me to do it all, leaving you free to use your valuable purchase as soon as possible.

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